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It is expected that during the forecast period, the scale of the global automotive bubble market will see considerable growth. This is due to the increasing demand for light commercial vehicles and the increasing demand for advanced machinery, which may promote the global adoption of advanced automotive foam. This information is released by Fortune Business Insights in its forthcoming report, titled "Automotive foam market size, share and industry analysis, by foam type (polyurethane foam, polyolefin foam, other), by application (seats, door panels and Water shield, instrument panel, bumper system, others), forecast by end use (passenger vehicle, light commercial vehicle (LCV), heavy commercial vehicle (HCV)) and region, 2019-2026."

The global pandemic has led to a sharp decline in operations in many industries. Although supply chain and raw material disruptions have affected multiple industries, the food and beverage industry is expected to achieve considerable growth in the next few years. Due to the huge demand for basic services such as food, the market is expected to remain optimistic after the global pandemic.

Automobile foam is made by combining solid phase and gas phase to form plastic foam. A variety of raw materials such as olefin, polyurethane and polystyrene are used to produce high-quality foam.

What does the report include?

The Global Automotive Bubble Market report includes a detailed analysis of several factors, such as the key drivers and constraints that will affect growth. In addition, the report also provides insights into regional analysis covering different regions, which contributes to the growth of the market. It includes the competitive landscape involving leading companies, as well as adopting strategies to launch new products, announce partnerships and cooperation, which will further promote market growth between 2020 and 2027. In addition, research analysts use a variety of research methods, such as PESTEL and SWOT analysis, to obtain information about current trends and industry developments that will drive market growth in the next few years.

Increasing demand for light commercial vehicles to promote growth

The rise of the industrial and infrastructure sectors, coupled with growing demand in rural areas, may drive the adoption of light commercial vehicles. This is expected to drive global demand for advanced automotive bubbles. In addition, it is expected that the company's growing focus on the use of advanced machinery will contribute to the growth of the global automotive bubble market during the forecast period. For example, in January 2021, RGC Group, the parent company of the popular foam brand Uratex, announced the acquisition of Quadrofoamat (QFM), a manufacturing machine with optimized technology and improved modular design to meet customer needs.

Asia-Pacific region-this region is expected to dominate and occupy the highest position in the global automotive bubble market during the forecast period. This is due to the increase in the disposable income of the working population, which has boosted car sales in the region.

North America-Supported by the growing demand for light commercial vehicles, the region is expected to experience substantial growth, which may drive demand for advanced automotive bubbles in the region from 2020 to 2027.

The expansion of well-known enterprises imposes competition in the drama industry

The global automotive bubble market is fragmented by the presence of several major companies, which strive to gain a majority share and maintain their presence. These companies are expanding their facilities to meet the growing demand for products in multiple industrial applications. In addition to this, other major players are focusing on maintaining a strong foothold by adopting organic and inorganic strategies during the forecast period.

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